Downright Crazy About Pyrite

Ain't that the truth! We can't get enough of this gem, which is why we included three new pieces showcasing the raw golden rock in our A/W '16 collection. See for yourself below...

Raw pyrite hangs from a short black brass and gold beaded chain in the Roane. Simplicity paired with edgy bohemian vibes make this piece perfect for the leather jacket wearin', band tee rockin', bad ass Spire babe. 



Double the sass with this black brass and gold link chain necklace in the Brogan. No frills, no fluff; just a stunning raw showstopper that packs a punch with any outfit, day or night. 


The Rory is the ultimate statement necklace, with a long black brass and gold beaded chain and a raw pyrite chunk wrapped in wire, dangling from the end. Throw this beauty over a silky white button-down for a refined, chic look.



Chelsey Tapie
Chelsey Tapie


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