Drop Dead Beauties


What IS it about drop necklaces? They're just, so... perfect. They're subtly sexy. They're dainty. They're intriguing. And, there's (usually) a gem dangling from the end. 


At Spire, we believe in refined simplicity. In bohemian elegance that shines through the elements, metals, stones and textures featured in our pieces. This rings true for our drop necklaces, too.

Take the Wren for instance. A black tourmaline stone joins the black brass and gold beaded necklace, while commanding attention as the focal point in this daring onyx drop necklace. 

Refined glam perfected in the Bardot. Simplicity executed to the tee, a gold beaded chain meets in perfect unison, leading the eye to a stunning faceted onyx point. 

Last but definitely not least, the Harlow illustrates the delicate, dainty side in a sweet, chic manner. Similar to the Bardot, a gold beaded chain meets in perfect unison, while a faceted clear quartz point finishes the drop seamlessly. 


Chelsey Tapie
Chelsey Tapie


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