Globe Trotting Goddesses

This post is dedicated to the boho babes who crave travel, exploration and adventure. The jet-setters and globe-trotters, if you will.

While hopping on a plane might not always be as realistic as we hope, we tend to turn to other elements that can fulfill that desire for something "new", something "unexpected". Take the Spire leather fringe necklaces, for instance. Adorned with authentic African copper and silver beads and soft, supple leather fringe. Rock the Zelda on the days you crave putting your passport to use.... 

While they won't physically transport you to the plains of the Sahara or treetops of the jungle, it does the trick in satisfying the need for adventure through your wardrobe... I mean, how can one not gawk over the Haley Horn bangles, made from light weight water buffalo horn? Exotic, raw beauty. In my mind, I'm already soaring high above the clouds... XOXO.

Chelsey Tapie
Chelsey Tapie


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