Erin StaffordErin Stafford is a nomadic, bohemian, world traveller by  heart. A stylist, jewelry designer,  and fashion journalist by  trade.  For the past decade, Erin  has immersed herself in  fashion  and media, working in  markets from London to Los  Angeles.

 Her love for the beach and all  things turquoise is tempered by  her refined eye for design. Her  style is where the  California beach  girl meets the city. It’s feminine,  flirty, and  bohemian, with an  elegant, edgy, twist.

 Spire jewelry is comfortable and  easy to wear. It can add style  to cut-offs and a tank, or a tailored  suit and silk blouse. Layer  it, or let  it stand alone.

 From Bali to Saint-Tropez, Malibu to Tahiti, every piece of  turquoise, crystal, agate, leather, and feather tells a  story. A  story that begins in dreams and ends with adventure. Each necklace, bracelet, earring, and ring is handcrafted with love in California.

Jump into The Spire Life and discover a world of turquoise waters, salt, sand, and sunshine.  

What is Spire?
A spire is a beautiful, conical structure adorning the highest point of churches and towers around the world. They signify strength and power. Spire also sounds like inspire. And we are inspired every day by the Earth’s natural beauty. It’s that beauty that we've seen on our many global travels and adventures that we infuse into every piece we make and everything we do.